LETTERS TO MY LOVE: A Healing Creative Writing Workshop

LETTERS TO MY LOVE: A Healing Creative Writing Workshop

COVER-Letters to my Love Journal I have been told time and time again that for many readers, their copy of Living with Loss or I Will Not Forget You, is tear stained, held together with rubber bands, covered with writing on every margin, the impetus for the new LETTERS TO MY LOVE JOURNAL and Journal Writing Workshop. 

These small group workshops grew out of the cathartic writing exercises in the books,  based on poignant themes such as sharing the details of the funeral or memorial service, expressing gratitude, unresolved anger or grievances, making amends, bringing him/her up to date on how children (or parents or friends or pets) are doing, ways in which they are changing as time goes on, what they miss the most, shared memories, etc. The workshop typically runs for either a two hour afternoon session with a break, or as a more intensive three hour evening workshop.

The Journal can be used as an individual healing resource, as part of a bereavement support group, as a “thank you for trusting us with your loved one’s care” gift from bereavement professionals, or as part of a small group workshop.

For more information CONTACT ella88220@gmail.com or call 612-910-9126.

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