RUNNING ON EMPTY: How To Stop Making Yourself Indispensable

RUNNING ON EMPTY: How To Stop Making Yourself Indispensable

1. Do you live by a list?
2. Do you typically take on more than you can comfortably handle?
3. Is it hard for you to ask for help and support?
4 Do you find it difficult to sit still and do nothing?
5. Do you think that other people don’t appreciate how hard you work and how much you do?
6. Are you chronically tense, frazzled, or exhausted?
7. Is it hard for you to appreciate your accomplishments because you’re worried
about the next thing you have to do?
8. Do you look more “together” than you feel?
9. Do you wish other people would move faster?
10. Do you believe “It’s easier to do it myself!”

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