ELLEN SUE STERN has written 20 books translated to fourteen languages.  She is President of Stern Literary Enterprises, has been a celebrity ambassador for the NMSS (National MS Society) and  is a passionate champion of people coping with chronic illness.

Thousands of people have attended her workshops and  keynotes on relationships, work/life balance and the importance of self care, pregnancy, parenting, divorce, midlife, creating and sustaining healthy relationships, overcoming adversity, and coping with the ups and downs of everyday life.

 Stern has made guest appearances on Oprah!, Montel Williams, Lifetime TV, and numerous other national and international media. Interviews, essays, and quotes can be found on Match.com, CNN.com, Sports Illustrated, Parenting Magazine, The Washington Post, American Jewish World, WebMd, Marie Claire, American Baby Magazine, the Mumbai Mirror, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and on websites and blogs across the globe.

Stern offers creative writing workshops and individual coaching to both aspiring and seasoned authors. She’s spent the past twenty-years using her personal experience as a catalyst to empower others through writing and speaking.  Her unique ability to blend anecdotal material, emotional support, warmth and humor with concrete tools continues to transform lives for the better.

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