Protect This Girl Book and Journal

Protect This Girl Book and Journal

COVER-PTGSummary: How can you protect yourself from the storms of life? Feeling sad when a boy doesn’t call you? Your ideas about food & your body changes? Where can you find comfort, guidance & confidence?COVER-PTG Journal

Look inside this book of inspirational cards & start writing in your journal. Scribble your thoughts; sketch your dreams; revise love letters; plan your future; start a novel or finish a poem in this whimsical journal just waiting for your company. Fill its pages with doodles, stickers & photos.

Inspired by teen author Zoe Stern’s book PROTECT THIS GIRL: Words of Inspiration from Girl To Girl, this journal includes many new, empowering messages. It’s the perfect place for recording hopes and fears, rants and plans. Bright colors and whimsical hand-lettering make for an irresistible invitation to explore one’s private self. An ideal tween-to-tween gift and companion to Zoe’s book.

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“Zoe Stern is not only a fabulous author, but a great friend, sister, and counselor. Her talent is easily portrayed as she uses her creativity to write this book. It is great for girls and women of all ages, although it seems most inspiring for teens, as it gives advice to them as they grow into young adults. With the tear out pages, you can put them on your walls, or send them as postcards. It makes a great gift for any woman, no matter their age. This is a marvelous book, very well-written, and I recommend it.”

“Great present!! This is a wonderful inspiring book for girls and women of all ages. The art work is great and the sayings are relevant for many ages. The book is fun and you can tear out each page and put it on your wall! I have given it to many of my woman friends who are in their 40’s and also girls who are 12 – 16 (I just gave it to someone for H.S. graduation). Enjoy….I sure did!!

“Zoe Stern’s words of inspiration make this a relevant book for girls and women of all ages. The art work is amazing, and the tear out pages make great little posters to hang on your walls, or turn into postcards. It makes great gifts for your friends, or just a great book for yourself. This is a marvelous book…I recommend it.”

A book that will increase self esteem in girls that need to stand up for themselves. The quotes are very true and should be read by all females.”

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Zoe Stern, (Author)                                        E-BOOK COMING SOON

Ellen Sue Stern (Editor)

Michelle Meisse (Illustrator)



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