I WILL NOT FORGET YOU: Hope and Healing for Broken Hearts

I WILL NOT FORGET YOU: Hope and Healing for Broken Hearts

heartstock copyThis forty-five minutes keynote/book signing focuses on both the emotional and practical challenges facing the newly bereaved. 



  • Life on Planet W. ( feElniNG CraZy). How to function in what feels like an altered reality.
  • Feeling lost,  disoriented, and overwhelmingly alone.
  • Dealing with the immeasurable intensity of loss. 
  • Graciously handling well-intentioned, unsolicited advice.
  • What to do with his/her stuff? The ring? The endless paperwork that comes with the loss of of a loved one.
  • Being there for our children and honoring their healing process.
  • Riding the waves of fear, anger, sadness, and regret.
  • What helps. What makes you want to throw a shoe at the wall.
  • Living with the loss of shared hopes and dreams.
  • Facing the unknown.  Carving out a path for the future.


ESS blends anecdotal material with concrete, bite-sized wisdom curried from others who have been there. An added value of this format is the opportunity to open the program with an overview of your bereavement services, and the opportunity for  participants to sign up for ongoing support groups.

For more information CONTACT ella88220@gmail.com or call 612-910-9126.

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