WHAT ABOUT YOU? Essential Self-Care for Hospice Professionals

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Essential Self-Care for Hospice Professionals

hospicepicEssential Self-Care for Hospice Professionals

At each stage, but especially during the days, hours, and final moments during which we count breaths-and the pauses between them-hospice nurses play a role unlike any other.

This is not a career, this is a calling, requiring the ability to:


  • Evaluate the needs of patients and families in a gentle, forthright manner.
  • Be present without being intrusive. 
  • Avoid being pulled into family conflicts.
  • Be a calm presence in a turbulent sea of emotions.
  • Let your heart be open, while knowing your role is precious, but fleeting.


It takes a special person to do this, which is why self-care and replenishment are vitally important.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Essential Self-Care for Hospice Professionals acknowledges the unique gifts and demands inherent in providing hands-on end of life support,  through exercises designed to encourage personal sharing and sustainable strategies that enable long-term success in this vitally important role.


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