WHAT ABOUT YOU: Essential Self-Care for Primary Caregivers

WHAT ABOUT YOU: Essential Self-Care for Primary Caregivers

Being a Primary Caregiver for a life partner is a sacred task. In the final weeks, days and hours caring for a loved one-whether at home or in a hospice facility, we spend enormous sums of time and energy focusing on our loved one, sometimes at our own expense.  It’s a labor of love, But it still takes a toll.

Primary caregivers face unique issues in recovering and healing. Rest, replenishment and self-care are essential as we begin the journey of recreating life without our partner at our side. 

In this six-week workshop for primary caregivers, participants receive support in coping with:

  • A unique mixture of emptiness and loss of purpose combined with gratitude at no longer witnessing their partners suffering.
  • A sense of liberation, after devoting enormous energy caring for a partner at life’s end.
  • Physical depletion and emotional exhaustion and a compromised immune system. 
  • Remorse or regret over not having done enough (As if being ever present  at life’s end isn’t the very definition of “til death do we part!)
  • Symptoms of PTSD related to witnessing a loved one’s decline, and, in many cases, their last breath.

 You’ve given everything you’ve got. Now it’s time to focus on getting the support you need and deserve.

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